Level 1

This rite increases the ability to dodge of a limited number of garou while they are engaged in combat. Generally, the fighters to be assisted draw blood from their feet, prior to the combat; the ritualist touches his or her hands to the earth and begins to meditate on each of the people whose speed he or she carries, usually reciting a mantra or short prayer continuously as a focus for his or her concentration.

It is performed during combat by a ritualist present (within eyeshot) of the fighting, and is only effective for as long as it is being performed. The rite can apply to a number of garou equal to the ritualist's int score without any penalties; more than that, and a temporary willpower point must be spent by the ritualist. (For those ritualists performing the Rite solely for their packmembers, the initial WP spend is not required. Though it may help.) The character must rp the performance of the rite for as long as its effect is supposed to endure, and the gm may require wp rolls or the expenditure of wp points for the ritualist to maintain concentration, depending on events. If the character performs any other action, other than possibly walking very slowly, the rite ends. This Rite may be performed collaboratively; the more people participating in the ritual, the more characters can benefit from it. (Add the Intelligences of the ritualists to see how many characters can benefit.) A WP roll is necessary to engage in this collaboration; if the ritualists have never worked together, they are at a -1 disadvantage.

(Source: Homebrew, h/t Meg.)

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