This rite allows the ritualist to make those within twenty feet of the ritual location in the Realm more aware of the spiritual significance of their location. By calling on their Tribal Totem (most often Falcon) and the Knifemoon face of Luna, Garou may hear the whispers of the spirits within the area's umbra and even catch glimpses of their movement while in the realm; the effect intensifies for those with higher gnosis scores. Spirits may, correspondingly, hear and/or glimpse the Garou. Communication across the gauntlet is possible while the rite is in effect though the speech may be garbled and there is a great risk for misunderstandings between Garou and spirits.

The rite should be performed with great caution for not only are Garou affected by this rite but humans and animals as well. Though the spirits cannot be seen nor directly heard by humans and animals, they are instead made aware of an unsettling and eerie feeling that the world they are in is much larger and more alien than anything they have experienced. This can leave them bewildered and disconcerted and can also vastly increase the chance of a veil breach. The effects last for 10 minutes per success and/or 10 minutes per Gnosis spent.

[Type: Mystic Rite / Silver Fangs Theurges]

(Source: Silver Fang Revised Tribebook)

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