Level 1

While in effect, this Rite allows a Garou to always know where they are in relation to another known location, as long as some portion of the sky and/or stars is visible to them. Higher Mentals, especially Perception, means less of the sky needs to be visible for it to be effective. Users of this Rite also succumb to directional and navigational confusions much less easily. They do not have to know the name of their current location, but they will know its position relative to other known and familiar places. For example, "I am about twenty miles This Way from my Sept." This does not help the ritualist find specific things or people within the location; just the location itself.

The ritual's effects are typically felt for half of a day, but more skilled ritemasters have been known to make the effects last as long as s full day for a single individual.

Type: Mystic Rite / Silent Striders

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