This rite is an even more severe form of the Rite Of Ostracism, stripping a Garou of all her privileges and ties to sept, tribe, and even their lineage--making him or her into a Lone Wolf, or Ronin, outcast from Garou society. This is the rite traditionally used to make Ronin (unlike the bastardized "misuse" of the Rite Of Renunciation which more "modern" garou use to make "Ronin lite".) This rite may be performed on a Garou against their will--though the Garou must be present for the entire ceremony as their sept collectively turns their back to the Ronin-to-be.

Usually only the vilest of crimes warrant this punishment and a council of elders must decide whether it is deserved. Many Garou who undergo this rite choose death over banishment.

Ronin may remain with their packs, if their pack deigns to allow them to stay. A pack under a totem of Honor or Wisdom will likely find that their totem has cast out their now-Ronin packmate and may desert the entire pack if the pack sides with the Ronin.

Ronin lose all Rank 2+ gifts and all tribal gifts once the rite is completed. All renown is stripped away to leave them with no more respect than would be accorded to--at best--a just-rited cliath.

There may be a permanent, lingering animosity between the renounced Garou and the totem spirit of his former tribe. Pack totems affiliated with Respect or Wisdom may also harbor lingering animosity towards the garou for disgracing it and its pack.

Ronin may gain Renown but at a vastly slower rate--essentially dooming them to never obtain rank past that of Cliath. They may only learn new Gifts from spirits or heavily bribed Mentors--both of which are very difficult tasks to accomplish.

The difference between becoming a Ronin via Rite of the Lone Wolf as opposed to Rite of Renunciation is that Renunciation only works on a Garou that is willing to become a Ronin. Lone Wolf will render an unwilling Garou into a Ronin.

[Type: Punishment / Philodox]

(Source: Werewolf Player's Guide, Revised)

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