• Pack Name: Manitou's Ridgeline
  • Spirit Name: Glacier
  • Spirit Nature: Respect
  • Creation Date: Late 2004
  • Departure Date: March 25 2007

Notes: Ridgeline was a Guardian pack that formed in late 2004, with Jacinta, Horace, Joshua and Holly, with the bawn as their territory. In the totem quest, their totem asked them to uphold and live the native way of life whenever they can, and the pack is seen by some as more traditional because of this. Their roles in upholding the Bawn and Caern's rules have made them unpopular with some people and packs - especially when they find someone in violation of the rules - but they've soldiered on anyhow.

Holly left in October 2005 for Clear Water, leaving the pack short handed. Turning someone they've used to fill in when people had other duties in the past, they recruited Stacey in Jan of 2006, who made a commitment to teaching the ways to the totem. Veronica joined the pack in November of 2006.

Some notable achievement the pack has made involved fighting Black Spiral Dancers who attacked during The Great Hunt of 2004, the Sands of Time which warped the Caern in Late 2005, stopping a group of Skull Pigs from reaching the Caern, and defeating a number of lesser fomor and the like. In June 2006, the pack led a successful attack against Black Spiral Dancers who had encamped near the bawn. The pack was also known to know a very large number of rites between them.

The pack disbanded in March of 2007.

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