Rhiannon MacKenzie is a Glass Walker Kin from the Sept of the Steel Angel in Southern California. She spent a couple of years in St. Claire during a particularly turbulent time in her life, from 2001-2003. She was eventually recalled to Steel Angel along with fellow Glass Walker Francisco Delgado, to help assist the Sept in an undisclosed upheaval.


Rhiannon is the oldest child of Walker Kin Robert McKenzie and his wife Tricia ne Torrence (Desert-Sun-Burning-Bright, Bright-Burning), a Fostern Walker Galliard. She has three younger brothers: Jason, David, and Noah. Jason and David are Kin, and Noah is a Fostern Philodox (Dances-in-Shadow-and-Light, Shadowlight). All three brothers help run their father's mechanic/car repair shop. Tricia is a blues club singer and also helps with the family business, and the music industry being what it is is she and her husband are friends of Jorge Delgado (Power-Chords). Rhiannon babysat Jorge's cub Francisco when he was younger. Rhi and Fran never exactly hung out together, their age differential being considerable, but she did keep in touch with him as she made her way through college and has always made it clear, whenever he needed a favor she'd be there.

Rhiannon's father is a retired police officer, and like her father she chose the route of law enforcement after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Criminal Psychology. She has been with the USMS for close over 12 years and headed her own warrant squad for 5.


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