Pack name: Resonance

Spirit name: Ciancarw (shee-AHN-car-oo)

Spirit nature: Respect

Spirit type: Stag

Creation date: 2004

Departure date: February 2006


  • ALPHA: Megan O'Brien Firewatcher, Adren Homid Philodox of the Fianna
  • BETA: Alicia Guards-the-Flame (Guards-Flame), Fostern Homid Galliard of the Children of Gaia
  • Eamon Ever-Grinning, Fostern Homid Ragabash of the Fianna
  • Yi-Ling Song Runs-the-Gauntlet (Runner), Fostern Homid Ragabash of the Bone Gnawers
  • Dakota Heals-the-Rifts (Rifthealer), Cliath Homid Theurge of the Children of Gaia

Resonance (v.2.0)

  • ALPHA: Alicia
  • BETA: Eamon
  • Yi
  • Dakota

Resonance (v.3.0-4.0)

  • ALPHA: Alicia
  • BETA: Yi
  • Dakota
  • Tobin Calls-the-Spirits-to-Battle (Calls-Spirits), Cliath Homid Theurge of the Silver Fangs
  • Clemency Haynes Fire-Burns-Forever (Fire-Burns), Cliath Homid Silver Fang Ahroun

Territory: Forest North of Kent Crossing, Kent Crossing town edge, County Line (closer towards western bawn)

Notes: Formed by the Sept Alpha of the time, Megan Firewatcher gathered to her some of the sept's top ranking position holders. Under Stag, Resonance (or Echo, in lupus) was a pack geared towards communications and bridging the lines between city and woods Garou, but also upholding the Honor of the Garou. The pack was quickly known to have quite a few of those known to be looked to, elders and position holders, as Megan was Sept Alpha and Fianna tribal elder, Alicia being Children of Gaia tribal elder and Groundskeeper, Eamon and eventually Yi being the highest ranking ragabashes of the time, Dakota eventually becoming Caretaker of the farmhouse, Master of the Rite and then Gatekeeper, and both Tobin and Clemency at some point holding Silver Fangs tribal eldership.

With Megan's departure due to complications with her pregnancy, Tobin's glorious death during a sept Revel, and sept disputes causing members to leave, Resonance eventually disbanded and went their separate ways.

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