Unofficial GarouMUSH Wiki
  • Pack Name: Requiem
  • Spirit Name: Snaekolfr (translation: 'snow wolf'/ pronounced: snee-coal-fer)
  • Spirit Nature: War
  • Creation Date: December 2004
  • Departure Date: May 2006
  • Members:
ALPHA: Dillen Bane-of-the-Bloodsuckers, Cliath Galliard of the Get of Fenris
BETA: Kenneth Dagger's-Edge, Cliath Philodox of the Shadow Lords
Kevin Power-In-the-Darkness, Cliath Ragabash of the Glass Walkers
  • Former Members:
Brom Rips-the-Face-Off-The-Forath, Cliath Philodox of the Get of Fenris (former Alpha)
Nikolai Burned-By-The-Dragon's-Blood, Cliath (former Beta)
Michael, Cliath Ahroun of the Wendigo (former Beta)
Lucas Thunder's-Forge, Cliath Ahroun of the Shadow Lords (former Alpha)


Territories held: St. Claire Wharfs and industrial sectors, then the Undeveloped Forest area by the railroad tracks and county line south of the Bawn, and finally SCCU and its vicinity.
Requiem, aka Deathsong in lupus, was a rough and rowdy pack of young Garou eager to take the fight straight to the Wyrm. Its purpose was much like a band of mercenaries, a warpack for hire with their pay in blood, guts and Glory. Formed originally with Lucas, Kenneth and Dillen, eventually the pack was hard shaken with the sudden discovery of Lucas' Wyrmtaint from the ahroun's uncontrollable Thrall due to high amounts of Rage.
Following the death of Lucas, the pack was in disarray until Brom showed up and took over alphaship. Under Brom, Requiem still had its rocky spots, with its members tentatively getting along, and grew to its greatest size of six members. The sudden departure of Brom and Nikolai to septs out east of the Hidden Walk, and then Michael's departure, reduced the pack to its last three members. The final blow to the pack's dissolution came when Kevin was discovered to have broken the Litany, and Kenneth's longterm unexplained disappearance on an Umbral trip lead Dillen to decide on finally dissolving the pack once and for all.
Snaekolfr's description: Close to the size of a bear, this great wolf spirit is cloaked in a rough winter pelt of brilliant snow white. His muscled body is etched with scars and the broad sweep of his muzzle and paws are stained in permanently fresh blood shed by his fangs and claws. The eyes in his heavy skull burn orange-gold like hot coals, full of purest anger and the ancient experience of a warrior's gaze. Around his neck is a heavy, spiked iron collar scarred black streaked by fire with broken length of chains dangling from either side.