In light of their lupine background, the Garou base their social structure upon a stratified hierarchy of dominance. Having developed beyond its feral inception, the Garou system is based upon more than simple might and ferocity.

In addition to acts of courage and battle skill, the Garou prize honor and justice, as well as the wisdom that comes of experience. All three of these: Glory, Honor, and Wisdom, are considered facets of a Garou's Renown, and make one worthy of respect. Of course, Ahrouns favor Glory and Philodoxes Honor, while Theurges find the most respect through their words of Wisdom.

Renown is entirely a reflection of your deeds as seen in the eyes of your peers. A social species at heart, the Garou base their entire hierarchy upon the respect a werewolf garners from peers and Elders. When the time comes to challenge for Rank, know that those deeds, and that respect, will play a large part in the outcome. In fact, should a Garou fail to garner much Renown by the time of a challenge, such challenges may refused time and time again.

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