Pack Name: Renaissance

Spirit Name: Kit

Spirit Nature: Cunning

Spirit Type: Coyote

Creation Date: 1993

Departure Date: Nov 1995


Renaissance v. 1.0 (1993)

  • ALPHA: Toxic Four-Moons (or Bluefur), Fostern? Homid Galliard of the Glass Walkers
  • BETA: Anpwhotep (Michael Powers), Cliath Homid Ragabash of the Silent Striders
  • Sunni? (died Apr 1994)
  • Ilyera ~Sky-Ripper~, Cliath Homid Shadow Lord Ragabash (1993-1995)
  • Storm, Cliath Lupus Red Talon Philodox (d. March 1994)
  • Katlyn Bargold (Passes-the-Hat), Cub Homid Galliard of the Glass Walkers

Renassance v. 1.5 (Feb 1994-Sep 1994)

  • ALPHA: Toxic Four-Moons (or Bluefur), Fostern? Homid Galliard of the Glass Walkers
  • BETA: Anpwhotep (Michael Powers)
  • Katlyn (Passes-the-Hat)
  • Sepdet (adopted by Anpwhotep Feb '94 as Sashi Powers), Cub Metis Theurge of the Silent Striders
  • Dia Fire-drums (Sepdet's rite-sister), Cub Homid Ahroun of the Get of Fenris

Renaissance v 2.0 (Sep 1994-Nov 1995)

  • ALPHA: Anpwhotep
  • BETA: Sepdet
  • Eris, Cliath Homid Galliard of the Black Furies
  • Noor al-Mizrahi (Serpent-Blinder), Cliath Homid Ragabash of the Silent Striders

Territory: Regan Street through Harbor Park. Regan Hope Project was probably founded by Toxic; pack HQ was upstairs.

Notes: Formed under the once-legendary Toxic Four-Moons, first Talesinger of the Wheel Renewed, Renaissance was a close-knit family of street-wise scouts and loners who used stealth, Toxic's Glass Walker contacts, and Strider cunning to protect poor residential neighborhoods and collect secret information from sources never known to the sept: Ratkin, Corax, mages. In the earliest days of the caern, cubs could be adopted by packs, and Renaissance fostered several.

After Toxic's death in battle in September '94, Anpwhotep took over with Sepdet as beta (later de facto alpha); Eris and Noor joined after Dia's death. Noor's death in summer '95, Eris' wanderings, Anpwhotep starting a family and Sepdet's duties as Groundskeeper gradually caused the pack to lose cohesion.

In autumn 1995, following Sepdet's visions, the three remaining Renaissance members plus the Bone Gnawer Hazmat rescued a young Strider (apparently) from a Black Spiral Dancer pack. Sebek turned out to be Sepdet's own lost brother, alpha of the Dancer pack that had pretended to be his tormentors.  Sepdet nearly died bringing him down in the sewers with the timely aid of a Ratkin, Cassius.

Badly wounded and spiritually damaged, Sepdet retreated to Lake Arthur, nursed by Thorn of Crossing. With Renaissance effectively dead, Sepdet abandoned the city and turned her focus to caern and spirits, soon founding a new pack, Whispers on the Wind.


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