Redemption House

Information Edit

Founded: December 12, 2008
Current Owner: Danae Johnson, Shadow Lord Kin
Location: Highland Point, Near Clairemont Ave and 15th Ave
Public Use: Private Residence
Nation Use: Kinfolk Safehouse
Security: Cameras, motion detectors, alarm system, locked gates

Rules Edit

1. All kinfolk from all tribes are welcome to find housing here.
2. This is a place to discuss tribal affairs between kin inside the estate.
3. Do not bring a stranger to the house until they have been vouched for as kinfolk.
4. This is to be a safe haven, keep in mind there is a time and place for disputes.
5. All food and drink is shared by the house.
6. Your mother doesn't work there; pick up after yourself and share chores.
7. Donations are accepted, but not required.
8. Respect the territory of others. Don't steal. Don't break stuff.
9. No Garou are allowed within the house, unless for protection against other nasty creatures.
10. Garou are allowed into the courtyard, not closer.
11. Garou threatening kin or making them uncomfortable will be asked not to return.

Changes Edit

Danae has decided to allow Garou in the house on the main floor only. Only people with rooms are allowed on the upper floor. Garou are discouraged to come on high moons.

Tribal Elders Edit

Danae went around to meet with the tribal leaders to get permission to get Garou to avoid the interior.
Black Furies - Kathryn-Laura - Approved
Bone Gnawers - Kaz - Approved
Children of Gaia - Jacob - Approved/ Stacey - Not Contacted
Fianna - Cole - Approved
Get of Fenris - Mia - Not Contacted
Glass Walkers - Mouse - Denied
Shadow Lords - Kenneth - Approved
Silver Fangs - Blackriver - Not Contacted
Uktena - Little Silvertip - Not Contacted
Wendigo - Jacinta - Not Contacted

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