Red Talons Tribal Glyph

It is said that nature is self-correcting, that any species who becomes too much of a threat to the ecosystem as a whole will be driven to extinction by one means or another. If humanity has indeed overstepped its bounds, then the truism above is proven by the Red Talons. Comprised exclusively from feral stock, the Red Talons harbor a burning hate for the two-legs who have destroyed their forests and killed their game. Their Pacts, which they solemnly vow in the night woods around cauldrons of human blood, are to eradicate the cancer - the humans - from the face of Gaia once and for all.

Of all the tribes, the Talons are the most wolflike, and place great importance on rituals barely understood by other Garou, such as random migrations and mating rites. Their protectorate is the dwindling wolf population of the world, and the Red Talons mourn greatly when yet another wolf is destroyed. They have wild revels under the full moon every month, and are perhaps the most tightly-bound tribe. A few of the younger Red Talons have had the "radical" thought that maybe not all humans need to be destroyed -- only most of them. These upstarts have been investigating human society, seeing if any of it is worth saving.

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