Political shenanigans regarding folks not actively part of the Sept. See below for more specific details.

Characters Edit

Major Characters
Karuvar, Excelsior, Nick
Minor Characters
Characters Needed
Anyone is welcome. @mail if you'd like a way in, or contact someone already involved.
All foils (and Fera in particular: Bastet, Corax, Ratkin, etc.) are particularly desired for Reasons.

Information Edit

  • The Hellfires have been dealt with, but the Fera are always a wildcard.

Part 1 (Ongoing)Edit

A Fera/Bete embassy of sorts has been established on the far side of the city, away from Garou territory. It is currently lead by Karuvar as chief diplomat, per his many agreements with the City Garou after the Luna's Face and Lucent Witness events.

While having kept his promises in earnest up to the present, Karuvar's presence has acted like a magnet, drawing many other Fera to and through the area to take advantage of his hospitality and the relative safety of St. Claire. While there has yet to be any issues with the Garou, that could change at any time.

For the most part, Fera passing through have not stayed. Exceptions are:

Part 2 (Concluded)Edit

A Green Dragon spiral pack named Hellfire contacted Excelsior requesting aid in a power bid against the forces of Renegade (the Seattle Hive alpha) and his forces. They were observed destroying other packs who did not rally to their cause, while also browbeating other packs to join them.

  • Excelsior denied them any aid and eventually attacked Hellfire while that pack was separated. The leader and most of the warriors in that pack were killed, as was their totem.
  • Reports agree that the loss of a serious opposing force has allowed Renegade to solidify his position and destroy or convert any further interests against his leadership. This could lead to a strengthened assault against St. Claire eventually.
  • Renegade's recent actions have reduced the number of loitering packs in the St. Claire area, as he continues to move to eliminate any remaining threats to his leadership.
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