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A realm is a pocket of the Umbra that is uniform in essence and surrounded by a membrane to contain its energies. Most realms exist in the Near Umbra. There are 13 major realms that the Garou are familiar with: Aetherial Realm, Arcadia Gateway, Atrocity Realm, The Battleground, CyberRealm, Erebus, Flux, Legendary Realm, Pangea, Scar, Summer Country, and Wolfhome.

There are countless other minor realms, often held together by a singular spirit, or a small group of spirits, both free, and adjoined to one of the major realms. Celestines exist in realms of their own making, which are rarely visited by Garou, while Incarnae may dwell in 'sub-realms' appended to their Celestine Creator's realm, or in full realms of their own. Other, more lesser realms exist without any spirit powering its creation, but these are even less known.

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