Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Silent, quick, and crafty, Rat is a master of guerrilla warfare and survival, and knows well the truth of the old adage, "safety in numbers." Rat has taught many Garou these truths, who also find he is a fierce fighter when cornered. Packs that are chosen by Rat gain his wisdom and his fierce determination, and are taught best how to bite. Rat Children also find it easier to slink through the night undetected. Bone Gnawers will aid any Children of Rat at any time, but will generally not risk their own lives for them. Children of Rat are uncomfortable around and often get into conflict with Children of Owl. While they are considered Wise by many Garou, they are not particularly Glorious.


  • Packmembers tend to bite rather than using their claws, and gain an advantage when doing so, most particularly when fighting at a disadvantage. (+1 to biting, +2 when badly wounded or cornered.)
  • Rat's children can slip through nigh impossible openings, sometimes as small as an actual rat's hole, and contort to get out of grapples and traps. (This may look startling to onlookers.)
  • Banking on safety in numbers, followers of Rat find they're more able to be stealthy when in acting together.(+1 to stealthy/quiet/secretive actions in group situations.)
  • Rat's children are also often able to sense and thus avoid toxins and harmful chemicals. (They may well drink them anyway by choice, of course.)
  • Rat approves of them thinking ahead about situations, and gives them an advantage when they're doing so. (+1 to Wits when planning ahead.)


  • Rat asks that his Children never kill small vermin (rats, voles, mice, etc), as well as work to keep them from falling into harm. (This may cause occasional problems with health department officials).
  • Rat is associated with Bone Gnawers, and asks that packs help out the unfortunate and downtrodden within the city, be it via volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens or protesting a demolition of an old apartment building for 'historical' value (preserving the living spaces of many unfortunate souls and vermin alike). Those who fail to be generous in their aid find themselves walking in those unfortunates' shoes (+1 difficulty to all Social rolls until services are rendered).
  • Rat's children feel compelled to hoard and stash food so as to not let the good stuff go to waste. They never leave leftovers alone when they can help it, to the point that resisting such an impulse may require Willpower.

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