Rage is the Beast within each Garou, a numerical representation of the burning anger and inner fury she can draw on when faced with enemies or things that provoke her into violent action. Rage lets Garou change forms instantly, as well as move with uncanny speed for simple actions like attacking and closing ground on a foe. A Garou with more Rage than Willpower is prone to flying into berserk frenzies even more than normal Garou, and a Garou with a Rage greater than seven is uncomfortable for all non-Garou to be around.

In addition, Kinfolk (and humans) who have a Willpower score lower than the highest rage score of a Garou in the area will feel distinctly and definitely uncomfortable. It's like walking down a dark alleyway, unarmed, in a bad part of town, with no backup.

Rage, as a quantifier of anger, makes a good comparison attribute when the comparison concerns the fury of two Garou. Certain staredowns, physical competitions, and other situations are times when Rage may be appropriate as the comparison attribute.

Spend a Rage point to take an action before you should in combat, to take more actions in a round than usual, or to go particularly fast. Each Rage spent generally allows a single surge of action (one punch, one bite, transforming shape instantly, etc) before anyone else can act, and Rage up to one's Dexterity (or Wits) can be spent in a round.

Frustration, humiliation, and injury can refresh spent Rage. Generally, an injured Garou regains a point of Rage, particularly at the first injury in combat. (Ask your GM!) Serious frustration or humiliation restores a Garou to maximum Rage, as does seeing the full moon for the first time.

Garou with Rage of 7 or above show very very slightly on Sense Wyrm.

For more true tales of Rage, see frenzy, frenzy check, and thrall.

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