Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 5

Raccoon is a survivor. He lives on the fringes of society and has learned well the need to adapt. Though normally content to leave others alone, Raccoon is a fierce fighter when pressed. Raccoon teaches his followers the art of survival and adaptability.


  • Raccoon's children are exceptionally adept at surviving and thriving in urban and rural areas alike, almost never going hungry or thirsty. Food that might otherwise worry or harm others will be edible for them. All pack members retain the ability to use their thumbs in all forms, allowing human tools to be manipulated and used while in hispo or lupus form, but at a +2 difficulty.
  • +1 to all pack members' Brawl rolls when using clawing or raking attacks, when the immediate survival of the character, his pack, or his cubs, is threatened
  • In the service of stealing something, they have an advantage to going into, around, through, or under objects in their way. (+1 to forcing, jimmying, squeezing into, or steamrollering through something. This does not materially aid them in getting out of the container or location they got into in the first place, however.)


  • Raccoon asks that his followers root through trash cans, dumpsters, and other large containers to find small, shiny objects to leave in the parks or woods for his mundane children to find later. Bonus points for being messy in the searching process. Failure to do this at least once a week infects the Garou with a deep avarice, and he must try to acquire such items whenever he sees them, or spend a Willpower point to avoid doing so.
  • His pack members also find themselves with the urge to steal something obvious, once a moon cycle. Something that's caught their attention. Something pretty much guaranteed to get them into minor but entertaining trouble. (They then tend to bring these thefts back to their pack territory, for show and tell.)

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