Eager Student
IC Information
Full Name: Rabbit Digs Deep
Other Names: Mastincala Mai-pay Wa-k'a
Gender: Female
Breed: Roko
Rank: Nogitsune (0)
Occupation: Eager student of all things Fox!
Height: About 5'5"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Creation Date: 14 Mar 2016 (0)
First Change: March 2016
OOC Information
Quote: "I don't know! Let's find out!"
Status: Active
Player: Hazmat

General InfoEdit

Rabbit Digs Deep is one of two kitsune children sired by Thomas Lee, known as Turtle Stands Last (among other things). She's recently had her Eyes Opened (that is, ushered through her first change), and now her job is to learn all the things and (eventually) choose a path to follow.

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