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Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 4

Rabbit changes her fur to blend into her surroundings; a brown or dun~colored pelt lets her merge into the landscape of leaves, dirt, or twigs, her coat paling to white when winter brings snow. The Wendigo have long considered her a totem of adaptability and the quaking mother is indeed that. Her many children have spread across the world and thrive despite the multitude of hunters that seek them out.


  • Rabbit’s keen senses let her know when danger is near. Her followers gain +2 to Perception rolls.
  • In addition, Rabbit may grant her children warnings of danger coming their way so they may prepare an escape. (GM discretion, akin to the Gift: Sight from Beyond.)
  • Her powerful legs let her evade danger and she gives her children access to the Gift: Leap of the Kangaroo.
  • As her coat changes colors, so too does she gift her followers such skills under the Gift: Camouflage.


  • Rabbit is seen as a very weak creature due to her penchant for running and hiding and her followers are considered to be very unGlorious if not downright cowards.
  • Her children inherit her fear. If startled by a surprise or confrontation or faced with overwhelming odds, they must spend Willpower to avoid turning and fleeing. This is like a Fox Frenzy, but sans the drive to attack anything in their way. Some Garou enjoy teasing Rabbit packs relentlessly. Rabbit followers are almost never accepted as a Guardian pack or sent into battle for these reasons.
  • As a gentle creature, large amounts of Rage frighten her. She will not accept a Garou with over Rage 4.
  • Followers of Rabbit tend to be distrusting and nervous of followers of Fox or Kitsune as foxes commonly hunt rabbits.

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