(Garou, Kinfolk)

Your appearance, bearing, and something intangible but instinctual about you proclaims your tribe and its honor and glory. Add your Pure Breed score to all of your social attributes when dealing with other Garou. A Garou with PB 5 and an average charisma around people (2) has an equivalent of 7 charisma around Garou, and commands their respect and attention. This is one reason the Silver Fangs, with a minimum Pure Breed score of 3, are traditionally considered leaders of the Garou. Pure Breed is a double-edged sword, however. The downside of Pure Breed is that the higher it is, the more the rest of the Garou simply expect your PC to be exemplary in everything he does. A Garou with high PB that does something dishonorable or poorly is seen as more of a failure than usual. Garou Pure Breed is meaningless with anyone other than Garou.
Kinfolk that have pure breed scores have their social scores increased by 1/2 their PB score, rounded down, when dealing with Garou. Garou with high PB tend to take kin with high PB as their mates in order to not dilute their blood. Hence the reason the Silver Fangs are all fussy about who boinks who and lineages.
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