The MUSH currently boasts a population of packs under a variety of totems. Feel free to add your pack to the database, but please follow formatting, and remember to alphabetize.

Please see Lord of the Flies for a sample pack. You can copy-and-paste the Pack Entry Format from the Pack template.

See also Category:Present Packs for categorical listing of all present packs.

Entry Structure

*[[Pack Name]], under ~Totem's name~. [[Totem Spirit]] (Year of Creation-Current)


Totems of Cunning[edit | edit source]

Garou tend to be lacking in the cunning department on the whole, and often need the help of spirits to make use of what little they've had. Totems of Cunning, like Totems of War, often ensure their pack doesn't die of boredom.

Totems of Respect[edit | edit source]

Totems of Respect are looked upon with great favour among the Garou, and are often associated with the most upright of Garou. They also tend to be the oldest and stodgiest of totems.

Totems of War[edit | edit source]

The Garou species is, by and large, a good fit with most of the spirits you wouldn't want to invite over for a drink. These totems are often associated with glory, and strangely enough tend to have shorter life expectancies than other packs. Like totems of cunning, totems of war rarely lead their pack to death-by-boredom.

Totems of Wisdom[edit | edit source]

After so many battles, many Garou are hard pressed to find two brain cells to rub together. But despite this, many garou manage to associate their packs with spirits of wisdom. Many garou are leery of wisdom packs, since no one likes a smarty-pants.

Map of Current Pack Territories[edit | edit source]

Pack Territories as of January 28, 2016.

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