Robert deRath, a CoG with strong contacts with the UN and whose father was a Swiss banker, helped create a holding company to buy the Caern and nearby land in order to protect it. deRath was able to use his numerous financial contacts and convince them to invest in property as a tax shelter of sorts via an empty shell holding company: Precision Products, Inc.

A total of $465 million was raised through this venture capital group. These venture capitalists are not kin nor garou nor do they have any knowledge of the garou (for the most part). They're just people who saw a financial opportunity and who are being manipulated by a kin lawyer/president.

Precision Products' investors all have votes (based on their financial contribution) on how to use the property. $1 million = 1 vote. The garou currently have just 20 (out of 485) votes, but the kin Fang president from Virginia holds sway over the overwhelming majority of votes and keeps all the venture capitalists happy. The initial premise of the company's formation was to create a legitimate tax shelter through using the land purchase as a wildlife santuary/reserve, thus keeping the land undeveloped.

To this day, the majority of investors are still happy with this arrangement. A few discontents have been bought out, giving them liquidity, but time and the changing world economics may eventually see a shift in these investors' opinions on how the company (and land) should be used. Precision Products' president, who handles the investors and tries to keep them all happy, is not an elected position and is currently (and probably permanently) occupied by a competent Fang kin lawyer with connections to (and residence near) the Virginia Fang sept.

There is one exception in the Precision Product's articles of incorporation: There is a $20 million dollar parcel of land (1,000 acres at $20K/acre) that has been set aside specifically for the person in possession of a deed to this section of land. Additional lands can be added to this parcel of land at the cost of about $20K/acre (currently). The land in question is a square (31.62 acres x 31.62 acres) with the caern at the center. This deed has quietly been passed from Alpha to Alpha of the sept. The Alpha, with the co-signing of the acting Warder, has the power to sell all or part of the caern lands and nearby bawn it is on--should such a drastic measure ever need be taken.

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