• Name: Phoebe, ~Life On The Line~
  • Former Names: Andrea Phoebe Argyris (called Phoebe or 'Phoe'), Cubname: Pride
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Ahroun
  • Tribe: Black Furies
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Date of Birth: DATE
  • Positions: Temporary Guardian


  • Creation Date: Sep 9 2008
  • Creation Rank: Cub
  • Rank Date (Cliath): Dec 11 2008
  • Departure Date: n/a

Notes: Phoebe's recently completed her Rite of Passage, taking a small scar on her left shoulder in the process. Pegasus has gifted her with a new name - Life On The Line. Armed with this, she's looking for new challenges and opportunities within the sept. She's currently a temporary caern guardian.

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