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Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 8

The Incarna of Luna that reigns in the Aetherial Realm is sometimes known as Phoebe, sometimes as Sokhta. Both names please her equally, although the Stargazers are meticulous about referring to her as Sokhta. She'll sometimes agree to watch over a pack if they exemplify her standards of wisdom and spiritual purity. Phoebe appears as a stunningly beautiful woman formed of moonlight with eyes and hair of silver, somehow sad but always composed. At rare times, she may appear as a silver wolf or one of the other shifter races that honor the moon - much to the chagrin of the Garou.


  • Children of Phoebe are gifted with the power to know if the lunar metal is nearby. One pack member at a time may use the Gift: Sense Silver.
  • As the Mistress of the Moon, she also allows any child to use the Gift: Open Moon Bridge.
  • As Phoebe demands her children to defend moon bridges and the like, she grants them some of her grace when traversing them. It is difficult for a child to be knocked prone, thrown, or otherwise lose footing when on a moon bridge. Even knocked unconscious, a child of Phoebe is protected from falling off of a moon bridge and placed down in the nearest safe place in the Realm. (GM discretion.)
  • In relation, gifts related to moonlight or silver come easier to her followers. Once per scene, when activating gifts related to moonlight or silver, a child of Phoebe may offer up one point of Gnosis in supplication (in addition to whatever the gift requires) to grant themselves Phoebe's favor: One automatic success that ignores botches. This may be done in addition to the normal use of Willpower.
  • The pursuit of knowledge is sacred to Phoebe and she grants her children insight into the mysteries of the world. Bonus to rolls related to Enigmas and Primal Urge.
  • She is particularly pleased by a pack containing all five Auspices in honor of Luna’s mandate. Those that do find it easier to learn gifts associated with their particular auspice from their patron or other teachers. (Reduced +learn time for auspice gifts, GM discretion on length, 2 per year max per character)


  • Phoebe demands a solemn oath that her children keep moon bridges, moon paths, and Lunes safe from the Wyrm. As such, she is a respected totem among Gatekeepers and Guardians and her children often work closely with Garou in these roles. To fail in this duty means she will remove herself from her pack and only resume patronage should they redeem their mistakes. This is often a lofty quest pitting them against deadly foes. This is a far more exhausting job than it might sound like, especially at a large and busy caern. At times, she may even bid her children travel to a caern under siege.
  • As Phoebe’s bridges open paths and cross distances normally unreachable, so too does she encourage her children to bridge the ways of the spirit. Her children are expected to be actively learning or teaching. If they do not make a genuine effort, they will find their attempts to gain new gifts or rites barred until they perform Contrition. She is understanding of lengthy lessons.
  • As an Incarna representing the clean silver light of the moon, Phoebe insists her children uphold a strict regimen of spiritual purity. Should a child or anywhere on the pack’s territory become Tainted, the rest of the pack must diligently work to remove the taint by any means necessary - including mercifully ending the life of anyone unable to be saved.
  • Followers of Phoebe find their patron to be beautiful to an obsessive degree. They tend to wax poetic about her and art they create or items they wear usually incorporates her in some fashion. It’s rare her followers do not perform Greet The Moon regularly though she does not demand such tribute.
  • As children of the Moon, her children Rage when she is hidden from them. During times of lunar eclipses, Phoebe’s followers are at a -3 penalty to Frenzy rolls. Commonly her pack plans to be far from their own and near the enemy when an eclipse looms on the horizon.

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