• Name: Phan Ta Mai
  • Former Names: Mai, Joyce Phan (American name), Fanta (nickname)
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 25, 1991
  • Positions: Newly clued kin, high school senior


  • Creation Date: Feb 21 15:44:50 2009
  • Departure Date: N/A
  • Poster-Boy (or girl): Aya Ueto

Notes: High school senior with a full ride scholarship waiting for her to attend SCCU in the fall. A local girl who works with her parents at a laundromat and alternations shop in the city, Gold Star Laundromat. Gnawers Clean For Free. :D She is a student of dance as well, in many forms and it is for this skill and her diligent attention to her grades that she was able to win the scholarship.

Fanta is connected not only to her fellow students, dance folk and college staff, but also with an Asian street gang that call themselves the White Dragons. She isn't a member of the gang, but several of the members know and like her, as well as one in their upper ranks, 'Tony', having taken her as a 'little sister' of sorts.

As far as skills other than dance, Fanta speaks three languages. English, Vietnamese and French which she listened to her parents use her whole life, plus taking a few classes in her school years. And she knows how to fix a limited number of things. Washers and dryers. Computers. Backed up sinks. That sort of thing. She also has taken up the job of fixing up the Garous' clothes, getting rid of stains and patching things up. Just, unlike her parents, she isn't just about function. She's also about fashion. So them Garou are gonna look good in their pre-ripped (Ripped by the Wyrm, Worn by you!) duds.

Stats of note: Dex 4, Sta/Cha/Int 3, WP 6
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