Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

Peregrine is part of Falcon's brood, but her recent brush with extinction has caused her to distance herself slightly from her more unyielding patron. She is a totem of wisdom that encourages her children to embrace adaptability as she has. Equally at home in rocky clifftops or city skyscrapers, she is a spirit of movement and agility, specializing in catching prey in mid-air after death defying 'stoops' that reach speeds approaching 200 mph. Peregrine has become more accepting as well, taking in children that Falcon would never deign to consider. She understands inflexibility means death, and there is wisdom in diversity. Nevertheless, she is still a falcon, and as such she lends even her most humble children an air of nobility.


  • Adaptability: Peregrine lends her children the ability to be flexible in a wide variety of situations, both physical and social. When moving from one physical environment to another, they acclimate much more quickly than others, and while they are not immune from extreme conditions, they succumb to them more slowly than others (by spending 1 gnosis gain +2 stamina against any extreme climate or terrain). In social situations the child of Peregrine, with enough time and effort, will never feel out of place. Whether infiltrating a corporate office or having dinner with the local Silver Fang elder, they instinctively understand the social mores of the group and blend in.
  • Death From Above: Peregrine nests and hunts from great heights. She is a master of the killing dive, and she gifts her children accordingly. When above an enemy, the child of Peregrine is able to stoop and strike with great accuracy (+2 bonus to any grapple or claw attack when falling on an enemy from above). If successful, any falling damage is taken by the prey.
  • Agility: Peregrine is an unrivaled mid-air hunter. Her agility is legendary. This too is her gift to her children. Feats of physical maneuverability--especially high speed turns and rolls--come more easily to them. Whether avoiding an oncoming car or dodging a sneak attack, the child of Peregrine moves with uncanny speed and dexterity (GM's discretion for any given situation, the effectiveness depending upon the appropriateness (to Peregrine) of the maneuver).


  • Children of Peregrine inherit their need for height from her. Therefore, they may find that they subconsciously choose to sit on the arms of chairs, or simply stand in the presence of those sitting. This need to be higher is not compulsive, but if forced to be lower than others, the children of Peregrine may become uncomfortable.
  • Peregrine was nearly destroyed by man's use of DDT. While she understands the good intentions behind such tragedies, she has become vigilant against such things happening again. Therefore, she tasks her children with seeking out places where man's interference has caused imbalance. Once a year, her children must find and, in some small way, repair such a situation. (Yearly GMed quest)
  • Peregrine is the most widely spread falcon in the world. She can be found everywhere except the most icy extremes (and New Zealand, for some strange reason). Her resilience and adaptability mean that she understands the need to be accepting. Her children should do their best to help the disenfranchised fit in, whenever they can. They must not shun those who seem out of place.

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