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Totem of Respect Background Cost: 4

Although this Totem is associated with the Black Furies, it is also known for the power in its wings and the nobility it exudes. The Pegasus is chiefly concerned with sacred places and seeks to protect them. The Pegasus is often represented as a black winged horse with fiery eyes. It controls the element of air, and can teach its Children Gifts associated with travel and air. Packs who are chosen by the Pegasus gain an increase to their Honor and may call upon the fiery will of the Pegasus to supplement their own. Followers of the Pegasus also gain a great knowledge of the animal world. Black Furies will always be well disposed towards a Pack of the Pegasus.


  • Pegasus is a wild and untamed spirit. Her pack can call on 3 additional Willpower per month.
  • Animals great and small respect the followers of Pegasus, for she embodies the spirit of the Wyld. Any mundane animal will at least be neutral to her followers and may be very well disposed to her more charismatic followers. (Bonus to Animal Ken related rolls.) This may even extend to animal spirits for those children of Pegasus who are well-renowned (Adren+ in rank.) Being aggressive towards either party will negate these effects immediately and they may find their totem ostracising them until they make amends for their poor manners.
  • Once per month, each member of her pack may make use of the Gift: Wings of Pegasus. These wings last for 24 hours.
  • As a defender of sacred places, Pegasus grants her children her power whenever performing gifts or rites related to cleansing a tainted place or protecting caerns, glades, or even sites sacred to mortals like churches or women’s shelters. (GM discretion, but this may take the form of an automatic success at a critical moment, a ferocious blast of air that knocks enemies off their feet, or even the heavenly sounds of wings when a pack’s ward needs inspiration.) This power may be used once per month. Each pack member must spend a Gnosis in supplication to their totem if they wish to employ it again, though never more than twice per month and once per scene. The Gnosis spent must equal the number of pack members if not everyone is present.
  • Black Furies will always look favorably on her packs and welcome them among their caerns should they need aid or succor.
  • Followers of Pegasus are seen as Honorable Garou.


  • Pegasus will never accept a Get of Fenris as one of her own due to the conflicts between the Furies and the Fenrir. Males of any tribe might find it harder to gain her favor, though she tends to make an exception for the Metis males of the Furies.
  • The followers of Pegasus must always aid a female in distress, which can land the pack in some serious trouble. She excludes followers of the Wyrm from this ban but some truly dedicated and rare packs have made it their mission to request any captured female Spirals be brought to them for attempted redemption. While there seems to be no stories of success, it’s no doubt Pegasus would be most pleased by those who brought a new sister into the fold.
  • Followers of Pegasus are tied to the wild lands. Should a caern, glade, or territory be tainted that they are affiliated with, their totem’s fury is manifest and her followers find it far easier to Rage. -1 difficulty to Frenzy, increases by 1 each month the problem goes uncorrected.

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