Pattern Spiders are the chief labourers of the Weaver, and one of the most common spirits inside cities. They appear as slightly geometric spiders, or spiders formed of helical strands of Pattern Web. They are primarily concerned with expanding the Pattern Web to any places previously not calcified. Despite their nature, they are known to become violent in the defence of those who threaten the Pattern Web, swarming them and Calcifying them into it eternally.

Some Theurge speculate that all spider spirits of the weaver begin as Pattern Spiders, before becoming increasingly specialized at fewer tasks as they become highly efficient. However, this view is not universally accepted, as other Theurge hold the view that 'evolution' of Pattern Spiders runs counter to the very nature of the Weaver. None disagree that the spirits are exceptionally numerous, and appear quite similar to other Weaver spirits.

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