• Name: Sept of the Parrot's Cliff
  • Location: [Locale], Somewhere in the upper valley of the Ichu River in Peru
  • Composition: Uktena
  • Totem: Water Jaguar (Local aspect of Uktena)
  • Nature: Strength
  • Level: 4
  • Sept Alpha:
  • Caern Warder:
  • Moon Bridges: None

History: The story told by both Garou and kin of the Uktena is that the valley beyond which the Caern lies was carved out by the claws of Brother Puma, to draw water from the earth at a time of drought. Through a tunnel at the head of the valley, if you can find your way through the water that gushes out of it, is an open area sided by a cliff of shining rock, streaked with the colour of a parrot's feathers. This small bowl was actually opened to both kin and other changing peoples during the time of the Spanish conquests in South America, to protect and rally them, and local lore has it that it was the focussing of the strength of all the then allies which awakened the spiritual power of the Caern. Misunderstanding and perceived betrayal caused a falling out between the Garou and the other changing breeds, and the Caern is now open only to Garou of the Uktena.

Additional Notes: Although the Valley of the Puma is technically part of the Bawn, it is accessible to kin without need for esort or specific permission (if you know how to find it, you have the right to be there). The kin help tend to its spiritual welfare and even take part in some minor Rites (these being unique to the area and specific to the local spirits). The whole area is very remote and difficult to access, the ground broken, semi-mountainous and covered with thick vegetation, and very few non-Garou locals speak anything except Quechua. Visitors are likely to be highly conspicious and very unwelcome if they arrive without an introduction from a resident.

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