Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Though an unusual totem for Garou, Panther is well known to some tribes, especially those who choose the paths of the warrior and the wilderness. She is much associated with women, and comes to them in her aspects of Great Cat and Black Cat. She prefers grace to raw strength, and careful thought to the forward charge, but is nevertheless quick to strike and deadly in her Rage. She grants her followers catlike grace and sureness of foot, and opens their eyes in dark places.

She is beloved by Black Furies, and despised by most Get of Fenris and Red Talons (For different reasons, one springing from her Tribal associations, the other from the War of Rage). Bastet consider her followers to be kindred spirits and will aid them in times of need.


  • Panther grants each member of the pack the use of the Gift: Eyes of the Cat once per week. One member of the pack may use the Gift: Coup de Grace once per moon cycle.
  • Her followers are unusually graceful, and are much better than most Garou at balance; people often do not hear them approach. All in all, they are far more dexterous in battle than their compatriots. (+1 to dex; GM leniency on balance/fall issues.)
  • They are able to speak with any and all wild cats, without the need of a special gift. (But not with their spiritual counterparts.) Cats will not inherently trust and/or feel benevolent towards them, however.


  • Followers of Panther must aid felines -- and Bastet -- in distress.
  • Panther requires the pack to provide the occasional secret or mystery to satisfy Her curiosity about the world.
  • If they charge heedlessly into a situation, they will lose all of their grace/movement bonuses until the situation is resolved or, if it is unresolvable, they perform Contrition. Panther Disapproves.

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