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'''Additional Notes:'''
'''Additional Notes:'''
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[[Category:Fallen Caerns]]
[[Category:Shadow Lord Septs]]
[[Category:Shadow Lord Septs]]
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[[Category:Bone Gnawer Septs]]

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  • Name: Sept of the Painted Rocks
  • Location: [Locale], Montana, near Blind Bluff
  • Composition: Heavily Shadow Lord dominant. Some Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, Children of Gaia and Black Furies in Blind Bluff itself, but they are mostly not seen as actual sept members and must pay chiminage to use the Caern itself.
  • Totem: (not specified IC)
  • Nature: (not specified IC)
  • Level: (not specified IC)
  • Sept Alpha: (not specified IC)
  • Caern Warder: (not specified IC)
  • Moon Bridges: (not specified IC)


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