Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 6

Owl is silent and swift. In the night, Owl rules. Owl seeks out the forgotten, the obscure, and the hidden. He lends quiet aid to his Children, gifting them with premonitions of danger and leading them to forgotten mystic places. Owl gives wings to his Children when they enter the Umbra so that they may fly from place to place. Owl's Children have an increased ability to mask their own sounds and be stealthy. Silent Striders will often appear out of nowhere to aid the Pack when they are in danger. Children of the Rat do not get along well with Children of the Owl, as their Totems are constantly in conflict.


  • Owl gifts pack members with premonitions of danger and leads them to forgotten mystic places (GM's discretion). Most especially, if a person is in particular danger of death or vulnerable in particular ways, Owl's children may be alerted in some fashion.
  • In keeping with Owl's nature as a psychopomp, Owl packmembers may be able to better communicate with spirits of the recent dead... Presuming they are not simply ephemera or hallucinations.
  • Each pack member gains wings and may fly in the Umbra.
  • Even when not flying, they tend to be stealthier, particularly when hunting or directly seeking something out. Their hearing is often particularly acute at these times.
  • They tend to have excellent long-distance vision, (Relevant perception and alertness bonuses.)


  • Sadly, they have problems with closer vision. (Relevant perception and alertness penalties.)
  • Owl's children will sometimes be unable to fight their hunting urges. These urges may pop up at inopportune times.
  • Owl asks that his Pack leave animal sacrifices for him in the woods in the form of small vermin that are tied in place or caged.
  • He strongly encourages his children to seek out forgotten mystic places, and obscure knowledge. If they do not follow these hints, their wings will no longer aid them. Contrition may help, or, more likely, following the hints.

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