Otter Space
A Wisdom pack under Otter
Territory: TBD
Alpha: Charlene ~Song-of-Vengeance'~
Beta: TBD
Members: Mae ~Burning-Bright~
Linnaea ~Rising-Dawn~
Bad-Boy ~Fetch~
Briari ~Follows The Money~
Former Members: None
Spirit Name: Pamuy
OOC Information
Creation Date: March 8th, 2015
Departure Date: Ongoing

Founding Edit

Coming soon.

Territory Edit

Totem Edit

  • Full Spirit Name: "Pamuy", meaning "water moon" in Hopi (Native American)
  • Totem Appearance: At first glance, Pamuy is a normal red-brown otter - considerably larger than normal, sure, but otherwise the same as any other. With closer examination, though, one might notice the sparkles of stars in his ruddy red coat as he stands on his hind legs, his hands working absentmindedly with a trinket picked up from his travels.
  • Totem Personality:
  • +Sheet:
Power: 30
Rage: 2 Willpower: 4 Gnosis: 4
  • Totem is respected by other spirits.
  • Pack communication.
  • Totem can always find pack members.
Charms: Airt Sense, Call For Aid, Open Moon Bridge, Reform, Scent Of Safety, Tracking

Established Events Edit

Date and Time for events of which Otter Space is part:

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