Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 4

It is said that the secrets of shamanism are contained on the tip of Otter's tongue. A spirit navigator of several worlds, Otter moves as easily from Realm to Umbra as he does from land to water. Fearless and adventurous, his curiosity is impossible to squelch, as is his irreverent and playful nature. Because of all this, theurges are often drawn to him, as are any garou that seek to master the spirit lands.


  • Otter is the epitome of grace and agility, and he passes these gifts to his children. (At the GM's discretion, Otter's children may add +1 to any dodge, brawl, dexterity, or similar physical roll once per scene).
  • Down through the ages, Otter has acquired a reputation as a shapeshifting trickster. Although he is not a shifter, he has mastered the ability of illusion in this regard, and he gifts his children with this skill in order to help them fool their enemies. (Once a month, for the duration of a scene, a child of Otter may create an illusion that fools between 1 and 5 people (GM's discretion) into thinking the garou's physical appearance is different from reality. What shape that illusion takes is up to the garou, but the further away from her true visage, the harder it may be to achieve (GM's discretion)).
  • Otter's ability to navigate between worlds is legendary. As a result, his children inherit his ease of movement and comfort in the spirit world. (Otter's children find it much easier to cross the gauntlet, and they do not need a reflective surface to do so. In addition, they cannot become 'stuck' even if they botch a crossing. On rare occasions (particularly in low gauntlet environments), they can simply 'fall' accidentally into the umbra, sending them on impromptu adventures. Otter's patronage means they rarely ever get lost, however, and they usually find their way home after exploring).


  • Otter packs must claim territory that is adjacent to some waterway--be it riverfront, lakeshore, or seaside. The children of Otter then must work tirelessly to make certain that water source remains free of taint.
  • Otter's children inherit his well known blithe and playful nature, and this takes the form of reducing their permanent rage score by 1. (Character sheets will not be altered, but while under Otter's patronage, a garou's rage score will be -1 for all rolls, be they expenditures, permanent pool rolls like frenzy checks, etc. Garou with a base score of 1 cannot be reduced to 0, so their base rage score will remain 1. When a garou leaves Otter's patronage, his score returns to its true sheet value).
  • Otter's children must explore, both in the realm and the umbra. Although there is no set amount of time or specific requirement for how far they must go, if the child does not make a real serious effort, the spirit will reject them.

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