Totem of Respect Background Cost: 5

Sometimes called the Fish Hawk, or Sea Hawk, Osprey is a skilled and wise hunter able to pluck her prey from the river itself. She dwells on cliffs, or high in trees, far above her water source where she can use her keen sight to take in and observe all in her domain. One of Falcon's brood, Osprey is a noble spirit in her own right, but amongst wind and water elementals her renown is highest. Because they understand her predatory nature is a necessary evil, fish spirits (and followers of totems such as Salmon) will treat Osprey's children with great if wary respect, but they do not often go out of their way to associate with them. Unlike those blessed by Luna, Osprey is diurnal and therefore teaches her garou children to know and understand boundaries, but not to be limited by them. She teaches them to pay attention, to diligently hone their skills, and to take advantage of all of their resources. As a result her children grow unafraid to take risks and grasp for prizes that before seemed out of reach. As Children of Falcon, Osprey's followers are perceived as honorable.


  • Osprey gifts her children with her agility in two realms -- water and air. Her children gain +2 to Dexterity while in, on or under water, or while they are in the air.
  • Osprey's children also benefit from her keen observance. Pack members gain +1 Perception. Also, they may use the gift Eye of the Eagle at the GM's discretion.
  • Osprey is a member of Falcon's brood, and as such her children take on her regal air, leaving other garou predisposed look favorably on them (+1 to social rolls, and/or GM discretion.)
  • Osprey's children have her tenacious gift of grasp. Once a garou has sunk his talons into an enemy or prey, it becomes much harder to escape that hold (+1 to difficulty). This applies only to the garou's talons, never his jaws, and never arm or leg locks.


  • Osprey charges her children with actively protecting rivers, seas, and lakes. They must not commit any act, or allow any action, that causes a body of water in or near their protectorate to be fouled. If by chance this happens, they must correct it and seek revenge right away or risk losing their totem's favor.
  • Children of Osprey must choose territory that contains a significant body of water.
  • Because of Osprey's nature, her children will find it very difficult to gain the aid of most fish spirits, or followers of such. They must be prepared to offer a very large chiminage to have such spirits even hear them out.

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