Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 6

The only marsupial to thrive in North America, Opossum is a wily survivor, able to exist in the wilderness as well as in cities. Possum has learned the value of deception in escaping dangerous situations, but when cornered she is a fierce adversary. Her immunity to snake venoms aids 'Possum's success in keeping the snake population under control, and though her Children are not respected, they are often called upon to perform tasks unsuited to other Garou.


  • His Children become adept climbers, subtracting three from the difficulties of all climbing actions. They can often fit into spaces one would not expect them to be able to fit into, as well.
  • One member of a 'Possum pack at a time can use the Gift: Resist Toxin.
  • Each pack member gains automatic initiative when cornered or forced into combat. (Spirit of the Fray, in those situations only; GM decision.)
  • In keeping with Her survivalist urges, Her children have the potential to adapt to new situations easily, although it's not guaranteed they will discover a solution or, indeed, the correct behavior. (+1 Wits in those situations; they may, if necessary, page the GM for hints and clues to confusing situations.)
  • When necessary, 'Possum teaches her children to appear quite dead to casual observers.


  • Children of 'Possum must never kill one of her children. They must be particularly careful when driving, especially on rainy nights, and must attempt to decently dispose of any "roadkill" they encounter.
  • Opossum's nocturnal nature is often transmitted to her children; they tend to find themselves awake and active nocturnally and asleep (or sleepy) in the days.
  • Followers of Opossum have an instinctive desire to confront (and possibly kill) mundane snakes; their followers are therefore at odds with snake and Uktena spirits.

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