• Name: Old Cone
  • Location: Idaho, Nez Pierce Reservation (Western).
  • Composition: Wendigo and Uktena
  • Totem: Grandmother Tree
  • Nature: Gnosis
  • Level: 2
  • Sept Alpha: Undefined.
  • Caern Warder: Undefined.
  • Moon Bridges: None. The sept has no pathstones, and, being reclusive, doesn't care to find any.

  • Former Residents: Horace
  • Visitors: None.
  • OOC Contact: Horace


Additional Notes: The Sept sits on Nez Perce land, and most of the members are of that tribe. They follow Grandmother Tree in her incarnation as the Western Larch, the only conifer whose leaves turn colour and fall. The Caern is centred on a towering old larch, long dead in the physical realm but still the source of the caern's power and the sept's name: every year the tree drops one bristly cone which, when planted and tended, grows swiftly into a tree with a powerful umbral essence, transforming its surroundings into a small, fragile glade, and thinning the local gauntlet.

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