Who are you? What do you want?
Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
IC Information
Full Name: Nolan Fahey
Deed Name: Squirrel Talks to No One
Gender: Male
Age: 20ish
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Cliath (1)
Sept Position: Anruth
Pack: None at present
Height: 5'11"ish
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Creation Date: January 21, 2016
Departure Date: (Still here)
OOC Information
Theme Song: Stand by R.E.M.
Quote: "Why? No, really. Why?"
Status: Active

New ragabash in town, a Fianna, a smartass, and a cliath who doesn't seem to know when to keep his mouth shut.


A cliath ragabash who asks far too many questions, little is known about Nolan's history, and he's much more prone to asking than he is to sharing.

Nolan bears a striking resemblance to some of the Fianna from Boston's Fens, but he doesn't bear their name. He has the look of heroes, if not their bearing.


  1. Hell to Pay by Drowning Pool
  2. Embrace Another Fall by Robert Plant
  3. XIX by Slipknot
  4. Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons
  5. Fire by U2
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