• Pack Name: Night's Herald
  • Spirit Name: Ghost
  • Spirit Nature: Wisdom
  • Spirit Type: Owl
  • Creation Date: January 2009
  • Departure Date: March 2010

Notes: Quentin, Heart, Jack, and Tim, having fought shoulder to shoulder at Mt. Spokane so well, went into the Umbra to find a Totem spirit to lead them. First passed over by Termite--who felt the pack was close, but not quite a good match--they were instead taken up by Owl.

They were neither purely a city nor wild pack: they acted in both places, in the Realm and the Umbra, seeking Owl's wisdom and hunting the Wyrm. Their territory was, however, within St. Claire proper: a testament to their origins, if not their ultimate destinations. They claimed Harbor Park, Wharf Street, and Bridge Street. Harbor Park remained open to all members of the Sept in good standing, regardless of their interactions with Night's Herald, and no ban from Night's Herald's territory had any bearing on the Park; they held the Glade only to be its guardians.

Originally under Quentin's leadership as Alpha, the Galliard left to Steel Angel to answer a call of help from a friend, and Jack Challenged and successfully won the position of Pack Alpha. Isabel was slain in an effort to aid a spirit, but the Pack held out until Jack's planned departure for Baltimore in March of 2010. The three Garou gave final chiminage to Ghost and bid their Pack Totem farewell.

With the Pack disbanded, Tim still guards the Harbor Park Glade as time permits.

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