Nieve Martinez about 12 years back

Other Name(s)
Nieve Martinez, Pirate-Trader, Endurance-of-Memory, Steelfold, plenty of nicknames..
Glass Walkers
3 (Adren)
Sept of the Iron Arch

Info Edit

As an Adren, Nieve's name is probably not unknown within her Tribe. She's near-infamous for being the Theurge to create four robots to defend her old Sept, by bargaining with spirits from the Cyberrealm and Digital Web - though she didn't create the final fetish to house each one, she did the majority of the legwork to make it happen. She's also known far and wide amongst the spirits for travelling a -lot-, having spent time in the umbra in all fifty states at one time or another, socialising with the spirits and greasing the wheels for future deals made by Garou in need.

As a Garou, she's not known to be a particularly incredible fighter or maker of magic items, but her rapport with most of the spirits aligned with her Tribe (and many that are not) often makes up for this. As a person? Well, that's to be learned from experience.

Stats of note Edit

Perception 4, Charisma 3, Willpower 7.

Rites Edit

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