Few of the Wyrm's minions are as universally feared and reviled as the horrific Nexus Crawler. They are alien spirits of pure entropy and chaos, and are anathema to reality. There is no commonly agreed account upon where Nexus Crawlers come from, but the most popular theory is that they are alien spirits from outside reality, somewhere past the deep umbra. They are sentient, but they do not possess sentience as most would recognize it, even other Banes. They frequently behave in a manner that does not appear to be rational, and almost never employ 'sane' tactics. This is commonly cited as evidence to support the theory that they are not of normal reality. Indeed, other Banes even have a healthy fear of Nexus Crawlers and their chaotic alien agenda.

In their natural form, they are a shimmer in the air, a drone, the sound of glass scraping, and a miasma of poison, cancer and death. However, they can manifest in any number of forms, varying from terrifying to sanity wrenching. Lesser creatures such as humans exposed to Nexus Crawlers may claw out their eyes, or chew off their own tongue to drown in their own blood to escape the experience. Insanity is a common facet to long-term dwelling in an area where a Nexus Crawler is on the other side of the gauntlet. Garou may fly into fox-frenzy immediately upon seeing an avatar of the nexus crawler, though this can be resisted by those with greater willpower.

Most fearsome of the Nexus Crawler's abilities is to alter the fabric of reality itself. It may choose to change the floor into silver, or inflict massive damage, create illusions, or start fires at will. However, this ability is not god-like in its extent: the larger the change by the Nexus Crawler, the more power it must expend to do so. The amount of power required is still greater when it attempts to change other spiritual or part-spiritual beings, such as the shifting races, or Pack Totems. Additionally, while this power may be used to great effect, as Nexus Crawlers do not behave in a rational way, it may also be used in a way that appears in-effective, or counter-productive to the Nexus Crawler's well being.

Garou have a healthy fear of Nexus Crawlers, due to their formidable powers. The pack that successfully attacks one, or survives one, gains considerable renown for doing so. The Hidden Walk is no stranger to Nexus Crawlers, including one that used to lord over the Hiliard Memorial Hospital (nicknamed George), and one that was accidentally summoned when the sept searched for new totems for the caern. To many garou, the Nexus Crawler is thought of as the high-water mark of temporal power of the wyrm; indeed, it is one of the more powerful Jagglings of any kind.

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