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Bawn: The Sept Compound

Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing.
A faint trail leads off to the east, and a bit north.


It's balmy, darn near eighty degrees and the day full of sun. It's gone down now but it's still warm and the sky clear and chock full of stars. Apparently today has skipped spring and went right on to summer. The fire's really only burning for the sake of light and Thane's a fair throw away from it as he waits for the sept to gather.

Brings-the-Pack emerges from among the trees' leaves and needles a good 20' above the ground. He finds a sturdy branch overlooking the venue, stretches out on it, and sprawls like only a cat can sprawl. Save for the occasional twitching of his tail, pivot of his head, or blink of his eyes, he's relatively motionless.

Next to Thane is the Fenrir juggernaut known as Brom. The large viking stands at his Alpha's side with his thick arms crossed over his broad, bearish chest. As he eyes the newcomers, his nose wrinkles up a bit as he studies each one.

Linnaea arrives, shifting up into homid a little bit down the path from the gathering place, leaning on her hiking pole as she walks and then finding somewhere to sit down, not quite near anyone else. There is a brief nod of greeting given after she's done so. The Gaian is wearing her usually bright, colourful attire, with a rainbow tie-dye sweatshirt tied around her waist.

Felix has apparently been here for a little bit, and perhaps gotten bored, as he's in the branches of one of the non-evergreen trees at the moment, fairly high. As other people start arriving, he starts coming down, probably somewhat quicker than he went up.

Lilah heads into the clearing with a natural cautiousness, looking among those gathered and nodding politely to anyone who looks back at her. She's just about to pick a spot and get settled when she spots Felix coming down from the tree. She heads in that direction and aims to take a seat on the ground, brushing her black and white sundress beneath her.

Coming into the compound is Justin, chattering away and pointing out sights to his companion who is definitely not one of his packmates or even anyone that might be easily recognized by most. "And here we are, the compound. Come on, you can sit with the Coyotes!" It's a young teen girl who's dressed strikingly well for being in the middle of the woods. She's got a dress on that hits just above her knees colored in a dark teal blue that's almost black. Where slits along the sides are that run to her hips it's filled in with panels of sheer white that's also on the front of her chest from bustline to the base of her neck. High riding boots go over her knees and are black leather - and probably murder to trek this far in. Minus a few hairs free from a coiled braid, she's keeping up all the appearances of being professionally aloof. She nods to what Justin says and casts a glance to those present, meeting no one pair of eyes directly, and follows the Gnawer as he moves to join his fellows.

Trace walks in from approximately the direction of Edgewood, and lifts a hand in greeting towards Felix, and then a nod towards Thane, before heading to stand near a slightly closer tree. The Walker stands quietly, observing for the moment.

Practically bouncing with energetic step behind Trace is Briari. She seems to be humming 'X gon' give it to yah' under her breath as she slides her hands out of her pockets, then winds them up into her hair to tie it into a thick blonde bun. She gives a wave to some of the familiar faces.

"I'd say I hope this one is quieter than the last," Thane says aside to Brom and cracks a canine-showing grin. "But I know you were pretty annoyed at missing all of the fun." He watches the usual faces as they come out of the trees and returns the nod of Trace. Lily gains a pause from the Alpha who squints. A glance is cast aside to his halfmoon packmate before his eye turns on Justin with a faint quirk of his brow.

There is a loud snort from Brom. "I hope that fucking bitch comes out of her tower tonight so I can yank her god damn head off and shit down her neck." He passes to his packmate, then follows the gaze to the coyote and cat.

Snakepatcher paces in from the forest, coming up behind Justin and Lily. He continues his trajectory, giving the Gnawer and newcomer a greeting, and he leans in to give the latter a sniff.

"So, here is some trees, here is some more trees, annnnd ... here is moot!" Justin calls out dramatically as he coils an arm about Lily's shoulders, passing a head jerk of a nod upwards to Thane as he steers her towards the coyotes. "And here is Felix and his babe. We get to sit in the VIP row." Which is probably farthest from the biggest fist that could sock him in the face.

Linnaea brightens a little bit when her packmate shows up, grinning and waving back. "I'll take quiet and the like for two hundred," she says, though perhaps quietly enough that it's not meant for anyone else to actually hear.

Felix's downward trajectory increases considerably when he sees Lilah arrive, since he stops climbing down and just swings down off the branch he'd gotten to, tossing himself further into the clearing and to the ground. It's probably unwisely high to be trying it from, but luck, dexterity, or both are with him today, and he lands well, immediately heading toward the kin. He catches her before she can complete sitting and pulls her in to kiss her, more thoroughly than polite with this many people around, before giving her a grin. "Hi." He doesn't give her much time to react before taking her hand and drawing him along with her to the currently designated Coyote area, and getting around to brightly returning Lin and Trace's greetings and making his own to -- well, pretty much everyone who's made it so far, really.

So many people in the trees today, Samantha just had to come and be a part. Or, something like that. She stalks those arriving as she arrives herself, keeping a close eye out for any angry elders who might want to toss her through a tree or three.

Lilah blinks as Felix hops down and kisses her, but she probably expected something along those lines, since she doesn't exactly protest. She does, however, turn a deep shade of red. "Howdy," she returns his greeting quietly, and then goes about saying hello to those she knows in the immediate vicinity as she's drawn along, and giving a polite wave to those she doesn't.

"Right." Lily murmurs to Justin as she glances about, "Mm...nothing to sit on besides dirt and dirt-covered things, I see-ee... um, yes." The girl leans ever so slowly away from Snakepatcher as the Uktena comes within her personal bubble. She looks faintly offended but in no way frightened of a wolf. "...hello there, whoever-you-are. A pleasure to meet you, I hope, I really can't tell. I don't speak do-- wolf. I don't speak wolf."

"Trace! Over here, bro." Justin calls out to the Glass Walker as he waves a hand towards him, then flops down on the ground, giving Lily a tug to settle over his knee like it was a chair. "Here, princess, park it." There is a wide grin as he tips a wink to Felix. "Bro and sis."

Trace takes a few steps over towards where Justin and Felix have settled, but the Walker remains somewhat aloof, finding a different tree to lean on than he had picked at first. "Hola," he greets Justin, and then continues to watch as people gather.

Samantha flits from tree to tree, watching and listening. Finally, she settles on one particular tree near those gathering and quickly moves to climb it. Hey, it'll be harder for someone to play punt the ragabash if she's up high, right?

"I'm glad I'm not privy to your dreams." Thane says with a faint snort towards Brom before re-reviewing the gathering. When it seems all's aboard who's coming aboard, the Alpha clears his throat to draw attention and then says, "Good evening everyone. Tonight while we're gathered, I'd like to take the opportunity to get some group discussion going on plans regarding the Tower. We do have a couple of new faces here tonight, so those who are new please come forward and introduce yourselves."

Settling herself down next to Lin, Briari shifts to her knees, then tilts her head upwards to listen to the Alpha and the rest of the new faces give introductions.

Trace blinks, and makes a small 'oh' expression. "Right then," he mutters, and takes a step forward. One step away from the tree he was leaning on. There's a pause, and then the Walker speaks. "Right, guess that's me," he says, now projecting loudly enough that he can be heard through the gathering. And possibly a bit further as well. "I am Trace Garza, called Six-Shooter, Ahroun and Fostern of the Glass Walkers. I am originally from Steel Angel and spent time in Western Eye. But now I am here."

Snakepatcher looks up at Lily and dips his head in a nod. He continues to weave through the Gnawers, greeting Lilah and Felix, and somehow finds some free space once he runs out of Gnawers.

Brings-the-Pack watches, from his spot on a branch 20' up, as Felix descends from another tree and Samantha opts to climb a tree. Perhaps the cougar-mage has started a trend while attending these moots? His head pivots from observing Samantha's climbing efforts towards those who offer introductions.

Felix drops down comfortably next to Justin, giving his packmate a shoulder-bump, and pulls Lilah to sit in his lap, surely solely to save the white parts of her skirt from too much contact with the dirt. "Evenin'," he returns Snakepatcher's greeting, grinning to the Uktena as he settles, and then the Galliard settles back to listen to the welcome and the introductions.

Samantha grins over towards the other tree dweller as she finds herself a perch on a branch and sits, swinging her legs a bit. But then there's introductions and she's quickly looking to the new faces, narrowing her eyes as she tries to be attentive.

Surely. Lilah does settle down, smoothing out her skirt a bit, and waves to Snakepatcher with a grin. Apparently this is one of her quiet nights, since she's only said one word since she arrived. She turns her attention to Thane and Trace, looking friendly enough at both without actually meeting gazes.

Lily uses Justin's forehead for the nearest available place to plant her palm and stop the downward yank. "No!" She says forcefully but largely low of voice and between her teeth. "I will not use you like a lawn chair. You may not have dignity but I do and I am quite capable of standing." And stand she does, if straighter and more indignant of spine than before. She listens to Trace make his introduction and, as no one seems to be stepping up after, dutifully tugs down the hem of her dress, tucks back the loose hair, and takes a few steps forward. "Some of you have met me since I arrived here and Justin was kind enough to invite me as, it would seem, my kind were permitted to attend. I am Lily Song, Khan. A tiger-shifter, to those who don't know, and under the tutelage of Karuvar whom was occupied this evening. I'm pleased to have the chance to formally thank the Garou thus far for their hospitality, assistance with bringing me to my teacher, and am honored to make your further acquaintance." This said, she gives a shallow courtly-sort of bow and resumes her standing place of before.

"Pfff, whatever, bet if I was Dirk you'd be swimming in my lap." The Gnawer Ahroun mutters with a scowl on his face, followed by a mutter about princesses.

Samantha leans forward a little, careful not to slip off her perch. Tiger shifter.. that's something she doesn't see every day. She holds onto the trunk of the tree to help keep her place.

Brings-the-Pack returns Samantha's grin with an slight inclination of his head. Moot-based tree dwellers apparently respect one another. While he pays attention to Trace's introduction, Lily's seems to merit more interest.

Trace steps backwards slightly, to lean against the tree he's near once more.

Thane lets the newcomers have the floor. Trace's introduction is regarded without surprise, having already met him, though the Lord does offer a public, "Welcome to the sept, Trace. He has been confirmed clean and is thus welcome on the bawn and the caern." Then Lily gives her introduction and the Alpha is briefly quiet with his lone eye turned on her with a decidedly close observation. He doesn't say anything immediately and waits until she's stepped back before saying, "You are correct, all sept allies were invited to attend the new and half moon moots. While I haven't met Karuvar I was aware her was hear and heard you'd been found. Shame he couldn't come but welcome none the less."

When no others come forward, the Alpha says, "Now I believe most all of you, some more than others, are aware of what's been happening recently regarding the Tower. After the strike team eliminated the Wyrm-mage, then Queen has declared war on us, so much as to even send several of the wraiths along with three Spirals against us at the last full moon moot. Currently, several of our senior Theurges are working on means to make weapons and related talens to use against the Queen. We know now the spiritual ward around the Tower is gone, leaving it exposed. We need to strike her before she comes for us. While she isn't as powerful as her sisters who destroyed the septs in New York City and Los Angeles, she's focused now on removing us in retaliation and we can't afford to give her the chance to build up numbers. So I need to know what each Garou of this sept can bring to the table, because it is going to take all of us. Once the talens are ready, I will be calling on the sept to make our strike. While we may be able to draw some of her forces free, we will very likely need to take the final fight to the Tower itself. Now, I know there has been some talk of outright destroying the Tower by mundane means. While it would ultimately run the least risk of sept casualties, there is the real risk of drawing mundane focus to us as well as loss of innocent life for those who work in the Tower unaware. So I need to know, if it comes to it, which risk is the sept willing to face?"

Briari clears her throat and pushes herself upwards to her feet. Dusting her knees off, she raises a hand. "I have an idea, which seems pretty risky and will require some help from Brings the Pack if he is willing to help us out again." She says as she rubs her nose with her hand for a moment, then straightens up.

Linnaea tilts her head, drumming on her knees while she listens to Thane's... speech. Then, the Gaian watches her packmate, shutting her mouth. Though she too gets to her feet, but doesn't seem like she is going to speak, or at least not quite yet.

Samantha sits back on her perch as the alpha speaks. She crosses her arms as she swings her legs some more. She keeps herself silent for this, though she looks to Briari as she speaks and then about at those gathered to see what might be the reaction.

Lily at some point notice there's a cougar in the tree. She returns his look of interest with one of her own, openly curious and even questioning, but she doesn't open her mouth. While she listens to what Thane says the Khan says nothing and even looks a bit perplexed by it all.

Brings-the-Pack seems slightly surprised at hearing his name called. He looks to Briari, head cocked minutely to one side, one ear canted to better catch her words. "What is it you ask of me?" he inquires, the cougar digitally rasps in Engish, sounding much like a be-helmeted Kylo Ren.

Trace takes a breath in and nods at the acknowledgement of his introduction. "Thank you," he adds, more quietly, but then the Walker ahroun seems most interested in what is going on and the state of things, and turns to watch Briari.

Briari nods her head as she rocks back and forth on her feet, then leans down to start to draw in the dirt next to the fire. "The tower is multi-floored as we know, with the top two floors blacked out so that no one can see into it. We have already determined based upon Peter's intel that the Queen and her team is located here." She says as she points to the two floors. "With the mage's spiritual grid knocked down, that means we can finally use gifts against it. In my possession, which I took with us to kill the mage, is a prototype sniper rifle that my father built and customized himself. It has an auto-lock rapid target acquisition built into it. Uses lithium ion batteries to lock on a target and track it. At six hundred yards it has a eighty-seven percent chance to hit on first pull of the trigger. With my cyber senses, I can see in the dark perfectly, but, I can't see through those windows. I don't know if this is within your skill-set, but if you can help.. ah... guide me ... or perhaps guide someone who is more adept at holding a rifle." She says as her eyes track to Trace, then back to the mage-cat. "We can take a target out from rooftop. I .. um... have spent a lot of time at night watching the patterns of people going in and out of the tower and I have an interval of a few hours that would be perfect for us. If I or someone like Trace can pop a round off through the window and take a target out, it would give them the motivation to draw them out in the heat of the moment. We could have a trap set to take out whatever squad comes out. Or, if we are even lucky, if we can take out the Queen like that... I am sure daddy will give me armor piercing rounds, maybe even one with a ballistic warhead." Her shoulders shrug upwards. "... it will be really cool ... and super clean."

"The only concern being we don't know where in those floors the Queen is." Thane says to Briari. "If she's even on this side of the Gauntlet. When we move on the Tower, it needs to be decisive. We're only getting one shot so we need to know where we're shooting. Now, we may be able to pull some more of them out. Not her, but some of her forces. I've got some new information that could point to a way to set up a trap. If we're lucky, it works, we keep some of them alive, and get information. Peter is no longer within the Tower, so that inside information is gone. They were aware there was someone inside, so we're not likely to get any other mole inside. Now, he had an idea to help." Says Thane as he points over to Felix. "Care to share?"

Brings-the-Pack listens carefully to the Walker's proposal, and then he seems to give it due thought before responding. "I do not mind using magicks to help protect the caern and the garou and allies of this sept. This, though, is helping the garou to kill. I do not kill. Not if I can help it. This is morally ambiguous for me, and I will have to dwell upon it further before I can make any commitment one way or the other." The cougar adds, "My apologies. It is a thing I do not take lightly."

There is a loud snort from the large Get. "Yeah? I'm sure if it was your neck on the line you wouldn't have a problem to pull that trigger. We're talking about killing a monster who is personally in charge of slaughtering hundreds of Garou and killing numerous Septs. We're not shooting a girl scout. The thing isn't even fucking human."

Linnaea watches her packmate talk, and somewhere through that sits back down where she is, rather than remaining standing. She seems to be paying a little more attention to the trees, or the fire, than perhaps to the words. There's several nods, though.

Trace, on the other hand, is listening carefully, having walked forward from the tree he was leaning on once again. "I could make the shot," he says, with a nod. Once again, he's speaking loudly enough to be easily heard. "I don't have the same gift that Briari does, but there are ways around it, if it were not for the window." He lets out a breath, though it doesn't do anything at all to make him look more relaxed. If anything, the Walker Ahroun looks tense, and uncomfortable. "I am not sure whether I would be more useful in a position as a sniper, than in a position on the ground, but I will cede at least the beginnings of that to the judgment of others."

Felix tilts his head slightly while listening to Briari's idea, and looks fairly interested in it. He looks to Thane when the Alpha replies, and seems briefly more startled at being called on than one would expect since he was already paying attention. "Well," he says, moving Lilah slightly so he can see more of the other Garou more clearly, "While back, we were havin' a conversation at Edgewood, an' Slug said what if we could give wraiths some kind of thought where once they think it, all they can do is think it over an' over, faster an' faster, kinda lock them up. So, I dunno if exactly that is perfect or there might be somethin' even better, but, seein' as they're all telepathically linked, what if we did give 'em somethin' like that, that they also passed to each other, maybe even to the Queen too, like a mind-virus? 'cause the telepathy thing's definitely one of their strengths, but that'd turn it into a weakness. If we were REALLY lucky, maybe it'd get passed on to her sisters an' their wraiths, too. Now, I dunno how we'd DO somethin' like that, but people've been sayin' maybe usin' the wraith bits'd help, especially the brains perhaps. Brings-the-Pack," he glances up to the cougar, "pointed out if we had a virus like that, it might be dangerous puttin' it on their network, they might notice us an' maybe it'd be good to see if there's a spirit that could help with that -- might put them in less danger or they might be able to do it sneakier. If we can't use the telepathy thing against 'em then if we can at least stop it when they don't expect it that'd prolly fuck them up some, an' he said he might maybe be able to give us a hand with that, given a chance to look into it some." He glances to the cougar again, this time for confirmation. "Anyway, it'd need a buncha work an' research that really ain't my area of expertise, but some of the rest of y'all an' everyone knows more about that. An' you gotta admit, it'd be pretty kickass."

"That's why we work in packs." Thane says to Trace with a nod of his head. "Where one Garou is limited another covers." He does turn an eye between what Brom says and that of Brings-the-Pack. "We wouldn't even have this opportunity without his earlier assistance. The Queen needs to die sooner rather than later and in whichever fashion meets that end. However, he is not Garou. He fights in his own way that isn't ours." Then he's looking over to Felix. "Even if it's not a mental bomb the distraction could prove damned useful in the midst of combat. We don't have many spare brains on ice but we may be able to make use of one to see if we can drag some information out. Now, scouts and Walkers, if you could see if you can get some more details about the building - entry and exit points, see how well it matches up on the other side. Also, for anyone who's available, if there is an old safehouse or building any of your tribes may have no longer in use let me know. If we're springing a trap we need a convincing box to drop on them."

"I already have all exits and entrances mapped out." Briari says as she shrugs her shoulders upwards. "Though Val may be better at ensuring it matches up in the Umbra as she can fly and that place is surrounded by monsters that even I probably can't sneak past and survive."

Linnaea doesn't stand up again, but she does look up. "Amongst other things," the theurge pipes up, "I am also a civil engineering student, and well into my studies. Should it have to come to the fact, there are ways to explode a building with a minimum of casualties. With high-grade explosives that my packmate knows more about the specifics of than I do, I can map out where to place them and how to place them to ensure that a building collapses inward, or in a certain direction. An implosion, so to speak." The Gaian takes a breath. "I also know many of spirits across the city, some of whom may be able to be convinced into helping us. They are no more happy with this incursion than we are, and it threatens them as well. I will seek them out and seek audience there as soon as it is possible to do so."

Brings-the-Pack regards Brom briefly, as if he might respond to the Get, but then he doesn't. He inclines his head as Felix speaks and mentions the cougar-mage's name in connection with potentially aiding the garou by disrupting the wraiths' communication network.

"Good." Thane says as he looks to Linnaea. "While I'm not particularly keen on drawing mundane law enforcement and the like into what's caused a building to explode, it may prove the least harmful. I considered the idea for awhile now and if such a job as pinned on something as simple as a disgruntled employee, which happens quite often these days, we can redirect their focus away from the city. We know these wraiths can cross into the Umbra, so it wouldn't surprise me some at least would be able to slip through. Destroying the building late night when the normal workforce is gone should minimize casualties. Then we be ready with the weapons the other Theurges are working on on to pick off any wraiths and Spirals who survives the blast."

"So we probably will get to blow it up?" Felix asks hopefully, "Awesome."

Linnaea has been halfway in daydream-planning land, but when Felix speaks, she snaps out of it. Linnaea nods once, and nods again towards her packmate. "I'll need to review the building plans," she says aloud. "The full plans, if at all possible, or else I'll be making an educated guess-- very educated but still very much a guess-- at where we put the blasts." She takes a deep breath in and stands up, walks forward, and looks over towards Thane. "One more thing about blowing up the building the right way," she says. "We're going to need someone-- a ragabash-- to go to as high a floor as can be gotten to, to plant the third round of blasts. And then they're going to need to hightail it out of there before bob's your uncle, because when it goes down, that's less than thirty seconds between all of the blasts going off."

"Sure, I'll have it in your email by tonight, encrypted." Briari says with a yawn as she gives a stretch of her body. Then, she looks back to Lin and smirks at her. "Sure, I can do that as well. I can use Otter's gift to disguise me as something else, plant the bomb and slip out through the Umbra."

Brings-the-Pack doesn't seem fond of the explosives-related plan. "The tower is very tall and that area of town has a number of buildings nearby as well as traffic. Inevitably, people will die, be injured, and be crippled. And, as Thane pointed out, many may escape to the umbra."

Linnaea looks back at Briari. "Not one bomb," she says. "Try maybe... twelve to fifteen in sequence." She glances at the cougar. "Perhaps, perhaps not. Like Thane-rhya said, it gets done at an hour of the wee hours when very few mundane people are there. It is, potentially, a better bet than trying to storm the place by force, and getting ourselves all bloody fucking killed!" She seems to realise that her volume has gotten significantly louder then, and huffs, then speaks more quietly. "If the blasts go off in the correct sequence, the debris flying out will be minimized. Ten, twenty, maybe thirty yards. They'll take out the interior supports of the structure. So it collapses inward on itself."

"We have some time yet to formulate plans." Thane says to Lin, "And given the nature of a... project... like this we need to have it planned carefully." A look then towards the mage and Felix. "This will not be neat. At the end of the day though, my concern is protecting Garou lives. Is that cruel, to say I'm far less concerned about mortal deaths? To some, no doubt. They are not a dying species that this world needs to survive. So if dropping that building proves the best way to keep the majority of us alive and safe from both supernatural and mundane forces then that is what I'll do if I have to do it myself. If it proves otherwise, then we'll look into another option. We have more time to discuss this though but not much. Until then; Trace, please work with the Otter pack regarding plans and calculations for bringing that building down. Coyotes, make yourselves useful as you may, help the Otters if needed along with the Theurges. Everyone else, we need to gather resources - spirit and otherwise - that may be of use in battle. We'll begin there. Come find me if you have any questions or concerns."

"We can do shit to minimize people bein' around," Felix says, "doin' it late for one thing, figure out the schedules folks're in the area usually. Briari prolly already knows that from her watchin'. Could set up roadblocks or some shit, cut down on traffic just before. There's stuff, we'll just think on it." He listens to Thane, and nods, glancing at his packmate, then the others gathered.

The Gaian takes a long, deep breath as Thane speaks, trying to calm herself down. It ends in her looking down at the ground and returning to seated. For the moment, Linnaea is silent.

Brings-the-Pack pushes to all fours while remaining balanced on the tree branch above the garou. "I understand that several of the wraiths' corpses have been stored away. I should very much like to examine them. If that is possible and someone could direct me to where they are being stored."

Trace listens, and lifts his shoulders. "Yo no sé," he offers, with a too-cheerful grin for how tense he was not that long ago. "Goodnight, everyone." Felix gets a nod, before the ahroun moves over to his tribemate, talking to her quietly as the two walk off.

<OOC> Felix doesn't think any of the characters that haven't logged off know where the wraith-bits are. That's inconvenient.

"Night, T," Felix replies to Trace, flashing him a grin, and gives Lilah a gentle nudge to rise so that he can stand as well. He stretches, and glances around to be sure it seems like everyone's about done, before wishing goodnight to the others still present as well, taking Lilah's hand, and heading back in the general direction of Edgewood.

"It was nice meetin' ya," Lilah says to Trace, and then waves to the others still here. That said, she stands and stretches as well, before walking with Felix toward Edgewood. He gets a squeeze of his hand, and she's quiet beyond what was said to Trace.

Linnaea pushes to her feet, and offers a brief nod towards Brings-the-Pack. "I wouldn't be suggesting this," she says quietly, "if I didn't think it had the least potential for casualties of any of the options. And I wish dearly and desperately that we had the time, the resources, the manpower, to do what would be best, and be able to send the Spirals working for the queen to Erebus. Give them a chance at something they don't have right now." She looks around, and shakes her head. "But we don't. At least, not that I know of." And with that, the Gaian turns to leave, picking up her hiking pole, but she doesn't walk quickly enough to be leaving immediately.
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