• Name: Nascha Tenduzi ~Star-Caller~
  • Former Names: Owl-Watcher; Frog-Paws (cub name); Calls-Down-The-Stars-To-Judge (deed name), Brings-Home-Strays (from Reggie)
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Rank: 1 (Cliath)
  • Date of Birth: Unknown to this author.
  • Packs: Ex-Ghost Walkers (NPC)


  • Creation Date: Early 2005
  • Creation Rank: 1 (Cliath)
  • Departure Date: Mid 2005

Notes: Nascha arrived, if this author recalls correctly, heeding the call from the Guardian pack Ridgeline for more Uktena and Wendigo. As her chiminage, she performed the Rite Of Reconciliation between Natalie and Jacinta. While present, she performed the Rite of Adoption upon a tribeless Joshua and welcomed him among the Uktena. She left of her own devices in mid-2005. She is the niece of Jacob ~Cold-Lake~, Alpha of the Midnight Fire Sept.

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