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Totem of Respect Background Cost: 5

Mule is the sterile son of Stallion and seen as the unofficial totem of the Metis. He values hard work, stubbornness, and working through difficulties without complaint. Some Homids see Mule as little more than a dull beast of burden and many Lupus that he is an unnatural, hybrid abomination created by the Weaver. Metis see the truth, that he a totem of inner strength and reserve and making the best out of one’s situation with dignity and honor him for his perseverance.


  • Mule’s followers are granted an extra point of Strength and Stamina that they might better endure their struggles.
  • His pack may call upon a shared pool of 4 Willpower per month.
  • In times where they are fighting against dominating forces (gifts, disciplines, etc) that attempt to break mind or spirit, Mule’s followers may spend a Willpower to resist the effects for one turn even if not normally permitted. There is no limit to this, but they may take no other actions than this stubborn defiance. Doing anything else negates this benefit. Once they have used this boon, it may not be used again in the same scene.
  • While their totem is questioned by some, the dutiful behavior of Mule’s followers tends to earn them greater Honor.


  • As a totem of duty, however, Mule’s followers are expected to obey all lawful orders that do not blatantly risk their own life. When confronted with an unlawful order, they are expected to challenge such behaviors even if it's an inappropriate time and place. Failure to do so places the spiritual weight of their totem’s burdens upon their shoulders, robbing them of a dot of Dexterity and boons of Willpower and defiance until they provide Contrition. (GM final call on what counts if disputed, but use Renown gain/loss charts as a guide.)
  • Should a follower of Mule do something to lose Honor, they lose greater standing as they are expected to hold their behavior in high regard.
  • As a sterile totem, he traditionally only accepts Metis as his children. However, he may make exceptions for a sterile Homid or Lupus who is willing to follow his tenants.

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