• Name: Mountain Fortress
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Composition: Glass Walkers, occasional other city Garou
  • Totem: Clashing Boom Boom
  • Nature: Leadership
  • Level: Unknown
  • Sept Alpha: Anthony Altimari Senior, ~Steel Rain~ (Elder Glass Walker Ahroun)
  • Caern Warder: Unknown
  • Gatekeeper: Unknown
  • Moon Bridges: Unspecified

  • Former Residents: Holland
  • Visitors: None
  • OOC Contact: Holland

History: Colorado Springs has had Glass Walkers since it was founded as a stop along the railroad. The current incarnation of the sept began after Salvatore Altimari, ~Shatters-Lightning~, left Italy and came to America in the aftermath of World War II. What set Salvatore apart from his tribesmates is that he saw the Cold War coming along with the rise of the military-industrial complex in Colorado Springs and was positioned to take full advantage of it. He founded the Prometheus Development Group (PDG), a firm specializing in defense contracting and technology development, and went on to earn a fortune and make his name in the Corporate Wolves. During the early 1960s, there was a bitter split between Salvatore and the existing sept leadership, a conflict that the Altimari ultimately won. The old leadership was driven out or submitted, and even the old sept totem was set aside. Salvatore firmly established the dominance of the Altimari family at the newly renamed Sept of the Mountain Fortress, and established Clashing Boom Boom as the sept totem. The caern itself is neither a mountain nor a fortress, but rather is named for the nearby NORAD main facility at Cheyenne Mountain. With Salvatore's death, his oldest son took the reins of leadership of the Altimari family and of the sept. PDG remains extremely successful into the present day, and the Altimari have managed to get their kinfolk into numerous civilian leadership positions in the local military bases, and to a lesser degree in local government. The sept tends to have a somewhat militant bent, given its traditional Ahroun leadership and the guidance of Clashing Boom Boom, but pursues its objectives through the financial success of PDG and through forging a strong network of alliances that it can call on in times of need.

Additional Notes: Other sept members of note include Anthony "Sonny" Altimari Junior, ~Razorwire~, an Adren Ahroun who serves as the Claw for the sept and is the current alpha's oldest son and heir apparent and Michael Rausse, ~Black Ice~, a Fostern Ragabash. Holland is Steel Rain's youngest son, Black Ice is Holland's cousin.

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