Mountain's Mother (Fallen)
Location: Somewhere in the Catskill Mountains of NY
Composition: Primarily Children of Gaia and Fianna, with the odd Black Fury and one Shadow Lord
Totem: Bear
Nature: Healing/Strength (Level 1)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Dusty

History Edit

Mountain's Mother is a relatively new Caern, opened in 2000 by a band of extremely dedicated Children of Gaia and Fianna who felt that they owed it to the fallen Gurahl who've defended the area in the past. History of the area prior to the caern itself is controversial; Mountain's Mother claims that the last known Gurahl in the area had entreated the garou to help with heavy Wyrm infestation which they succumbed to when the garou did not answer their call. Others would claim the Gurahl simply died out, though there was evidence of unsavory spirits in the area when the caern was opened.

Former Residents Edit

Additional Notes Edit

Mountain's Mother was founded under the intention that garou could find inner peace and healing in the area. Yes, it is a touchy-feely place... or as touchy-feely as garou can be. Ironically, Wyrm activity fluctuates wildly there, from moments of peace to heavy bane activity. It is not uncommon, then, that the caern is visited by cliath "youngbloods" in the northeast that are eager to prove themselves in battle, which is much appreciated by its members.

Due to its totem, the sept is not looked highly upon by the majority of garou aware of its existence.

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