Name: Morgan Whelan, Carries the Tale Back From the Land of Fire

Former Names: Song-of-Luna, Bug, Little-Spinner, Fire-Eyes

Gender: Female

Breed: Metis

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Fianna

Rank: Fostern

Packs: The Crew, formerly Vendetta

Positions: Nothing official, four-armed metis thing.


Creation Date: June 15th, 2005

Creation Rank: Cub

Departure Date: Hanging in there


Morgan first came to the Sept of the Hidden Walk as Bug, a confused, frightened, and very lost Fianna metis cub. She spent a great deal of her cubhood alternating between being stuffed into the barn of the old farmhouse or confined to the bawn, as well as learning such strange human things as wearing shoes and eating with utensils (some of these lessons took more easily than others). Her Rite of Passage consisted of gathering stories from each of the then current tribes and auspices in the Sept, as well as telling a story at Moot (she chose to tell of the Caern's history), and then battling several fomori along with her fellow Fianna cub, Sophie.

As a relatively new cliath, she joined Vendetta alongside Basil, Kevin, and Kaz, with her first true battle as a member of the pack being a vicious Umbral fight against tainted smoke and fire spirits on the sight of a large, blazing tire fire. She remained in Vendetta until shortly after her Fostern Challenge.

Morgan's Fostern challenge required her to journey to the realm of Pangaea and find a story to bring back and tell to the Sept, while enduring the heckling of the Sept's Ragabash without losing her temper. She went with Kaz and Vendetta's totem, Patches, and the trio found a lot more than they bargained for. Morgan passed her Fostern challenge by the skin of her teeth, and for a time was packless until she joined up with the proto-pack that would become The Crew, under Rat.

These days she can be found most often on her pack's territory out on Arthur Island, or the Bawn.

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