Moose is the largest member of the deer family, though not the most handsome. Despite his appearance, Moose commands respect among the totems of the Pure Lands for his careful thought and powerful protection of his territory. In most situations he is patient and slow to anger; however when his home or family are threatened, the ferocity with which he defends them leave little question as to his power or strength.

Totem ban: Moose demands the following of any packs he chooses:

Winter: Packs must keep the waterways of their territory free of ice that he may continue to feed.
Spring: Packs must plant alder, birch, aspen, or willow trees in clearings within their territory
Summer: Packs must create a new, small clearing for new growth by setting and managing fire.
Fall: Each pack member must seek out and attempt to mate with the strongest appropriate candidate.

Background cost: 6

  • Pack can call upon 3 Willpower points per story
  • Packmembers treat wound penalties as those 2 less severe
  • +1 Survival
  • +2 Alertness when within the pack's territory
  • 1 point temporary honor
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