A brutal, potentially psychotic homid taught to hate and despise humanity by Red Talons as a cub. He eventually cast aside his homid identity (Oscar Naylor) in favor of a life as a traditional lupus--to the point of often being confused as a lupus after living the lifestyle for over half a decade.

Otter was well known as being a more-than-willing assassin and/or killer, and being very brutal and no-nonsense with cubs. Cubs who wandered too far would be hamstrung. He instantly killed a cub, Alex ~Growls at Water~, in cold blood for challenging his judgement in public. He was also known to use horrific torture techniques, be it to extract information or as an object lesson. Additionally, Otter openly despised humanity, frequently claiming that the battle against the Wyrm and Weaver was lost when the garou lost their fortitude for culling humans and ended the Impergium.

This ragabash was NOT known for his sense of humor and low rage.

Otter came to the sept as a cub in 1994, rited, and then attained fostern rank in 1997. He became tribal elder for the Shadow Lords around 1997 shortly after Alexander ~Thunder's Claws~ was slain by Kyle, a fostern Get, in a personal dispute that resulted in a frenzy.

Otter served in a number of major battles for the caern and sept, often performing recon and patrol duties prior to engaging in battle itself. He was also a capable Questioner of the ways despite his traditionalist inclinations--calling attention to potentially diversive rifts within the sept's interpretations of the Litany at several moots he served as Fool for.

Otter reared two litters of pups with Red Talon kin in WWNP before departing with his wolf pack and cubs, last heard of heading to the deep Canadian wilderness around 2002... until summer 2007, when he unexpectedly returned for who knows what purposes.

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