• Name: Michael Dark Feather ~Kills-Wisely~
  • Former Names: Crazy Horse. Dances With Wyrmbringers.
  • Gender: Male
  • Tribe: Wendigo
  • Rank: 1 (Cliath)
  • Date of Birth: 1989
  • Positions: None


  • Creation Date: May 30th, 2003
  • Creation Rank: 0 (Cub)
  • Departure Date: March 2006

Notes: Michael rited some time in very early 2004, when Leonard was tribal elder. He was in Requiem, a war pack under Fenris, for a time. He married Desiree Keller in 2005, at the potlatch. She bore a kinfolk son in January 2006. The couple left for the Coleville Reservation in March of 2006, to relocate closer to Desiree's family.

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